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How to promote “BAD” Resilience in your life?

How to promote “BAD” Resilience in your life?

“Turn every Adversity into Opportunity. Then, failure will no longer be a failure but a detour before reaching success.” – Nica Foo

The global economy doesn’t look promising these 2 years and your job seems stagnant.  You feel trapped in your current role either because you had been assigned to a role due to organization restructuring or there are no further career advancement opportunities within the company that you can move to. You feel trapped within these walls and slowly you’re boxed in.

You are worried about the future but you can’t seem to do much about it. Is that true? Or it is just your mindset that is stopping you? Here is a story to perk you up.

“A farmer is walking in the field with his donkey. Accidentally, the donkey falls into an old dry well just outside the village. The donkey panics and brays hard in the well. The farmer quickly gathers some villagers to help rescue the donkey. They try to get someone down the well to tie a rope around the donkey but the well is just too narrow for a man and a donkey together.

After many attempts, everyone is tired, including the donkey. The villagers suggest to the farmer that the only option now is to bury the donkey rather than leaving the poor animal in the well to starve and die. The farmer painfully agrees and everyone starts to shovel dirt into the well. The donkey immediately knows what is going to happen and brays even louder. The braying breaks everyone’s heart and no one bears to look into the well. Suddenly, the braying stopped. Everyone is curious and peek into the well.

Amazingly, they found the donkey standing on top of the dirt. They come to realize that when they shovel the dirt onto the donkey, the donkey shakes it off and stands on top of it. Everyone is delightful to sees this and continues to shovel more dirt on the donkey. The donkey continues to shake it off and stand on top of the dirt. As the dirt rise to the brim of the well, the donkey proudly walks out of it!”

Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.

Challenges in life are just like the dirt that was shovelled on you. You can choose to shake it off and stand on top of it or allow you to be buried and faded forever.

If you happen to be in that donkey’s situation today, don’t fall victim to a negative mindset. The only way out is by shaking off the dirt and standing on top of it. Change your mindset to Stay Resilient!

The only person that can help you is YOU!

Do these 3 things every day to change your mindset:

  1. Look into the mirror every time you brush your teeth, look hard into your own eyes and repeat this to yourself: “(Your Own Name), You are the One in a Million ever since the day you are born! You are the Best! You are the Greatest! No one can bring you down unless you give them permission! Period!”
  2. Blast inspiration talks from YouTube/Podcast when you shower and feel the speaker talking to you, echoing around you! (No speaker fees required and free surround sound experience!)
  3. Wrap yourself in an invisible Positive Bubble. Remove energy suckers from your life. Allow only positive thoughts into your head and filter out all the negative thinking.

If you can persist with the above 3 actions, you will see positive change in yourself. You will build a stronger mindset and be resilient against the tsunami of life.



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