Saying bye bye to your job once it gets stagnant?

You are excited about the prospect of a new job. You drive yourself day in and day out to be the best you can to climb up the career ladder. Then reality strikes. 
You get stuck in the daily grind and feel that you have no way to move forward because of the situation at work. What’s next?

6 Key Elements for Effective Facilitation

As a HR professional, you will often be put in situations where you are required to facilitate conversations. Whether such conversations come in a small group (e. g. focus groups), or in a larger setting (e.g. corporate retreat), there are some key elements to take note of to help bring about a more meaningful session.

On-Boarding – The Employee Experience Way

It must be said that whilst on-boarding processes have generally moved to a higher standard across sectors in recent years there are still some significant flaws being experienced by new staff as organisations fail to set the right tone and create the right impression for newly recruited employees. A recent survey by just about everyone indicates as much. Onboarding is really important- we know this personally, don’t we?

Talent Retention Lessons From the Little Guys

By 2020, the Millennials (inclusive of Gen Ys) will take up an estimated half of the global workforce. Like it or not, this is a group which is very different from their predecessors – the Gen X and Baby Boomers, who are typically known to be hardworking, independent and less tech-savvy. The next wave of talents will hit the workforce sooner than we expect so how should companies prepare themselves? What do these Millennials really want?

An Awesome Tool Named Appreciation

As we approach the end of 2016, let’s give thanks for the good things that happened over the past 12 months and spread the positivity to people around us. It’s easy at times to take success for granted, and overlook the contributions of our fellow colleagues and team. So why and how should we express our gratitude? Is it really necessary? If so, what are ways to achieve the desired outcome through appreciation? What impact can we expect?

The gig economy has arrived

The gig economy has arrived. More and more of today’s workforce are assuming temporary contracts or ‘gigs’, rather than permanent positions. The growth in digital work platforms and marketplaces has made it easier to buy and sell services across the globe, enabling organisations to contract project workers, freelancers and other independent workers for short-term engagements. But what does the trend towards the gig economy mean for Human Resources?