Hello TiA Community Member!

Following features that are available only to community members. We hope that you fully leverage on these features and start making a positive difference to our TiA community. Let's learn together and lift up the HR standards across Asia.!

Sincerely, TiA Founders

TiA Community Member Access Area


Submit your content to TiA Magazine

Our TiA magazine features all our community members' content on the topics that are relevant to us as HR professionals and students. To make it super easy for our members to publish their content, we have volunteers who are ready to assist you in formatting your article submission to look great on our TiA magazine. Simply fill up a form that provides us with needed information to do so. 


Engage one another online

TiA Founders have collaborated with Facebook to implement Workplace for our TiA community members. This platform enables TiA Community Leader and Community Members to engage with one another in a fun and meaningful manner. For example, TiA Community Members can find and message one another, share good HR content found on the internet, or even organise mini gatherings in respective countries. Kindly note that new TiA Community Members registered each week will be invited to join TiA Workplace on every Monday. See you from the inside! :)

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Participate in TiA Gatherings & Workshops

TiA Community Leaders organise face-to-face TiA events for fellow community members to connect meaningfully. We have only one rule during such gatherings: TiA Community Community members attending our gatherings are NOT allowed to sell or advertise service or product that benefits themselves or their companies commercially. TiA has the rights to reject admission or terminate TiA membership. With this rule, our TiA community members can feel safe and candid when interacting with one another meaningfully. 

Kindly note that all events are organised using the Events features made available on our TiA Workplace by Facebook.

Be a TiA Community Leader

A TiA Community Leader (CL) is defined as a TiA Community Member who contributes notable service to the TiA Community, and has been promoting the TiA cause. Service include the following areas: Launching a TiA movement in an Asian country, providing Learning & Development opportunities for Community Members, organising Events, increasing TiA membership, and helping out in TiA publication & publicity. Our purpose can never be achieved with an individual's effort. It is the collective effort of TiA Community Leaders that will enable us to achieve greatness. 


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